Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Weight Loss Journey

I wish I can say I was a size 6, but I can't. I wish I can say I was in great shape, but I can't. I wish I can say I love my body, but I cant.

I have been struggling with my weight for most of my adult life. I joined the gym down the street from where I work 3.5 years ago and have been going pretty consistently ever since. When I got married 5 years ago, I wasn't working out or eating right, I weighed 151 lbs. I stayed that weight until 2.5 years later when I started working out regularly, I lost down to 133 lbs. I stayed right around that weight for a few years. Last year I had a trainer who put me in the best shape I've ever been, yet my weight still wasn't were I wanted it to be, because my love of food kept getting in the way. The trainer left last August because he took a job in San Francisco, and I was back on my own again. I lost all motivation and quit working out regularly; then I gained 20 lbs.

One of the things I'm going to use this blog for is to keep me accountable for my weight loss. Starting tomorrow, I am going to start cutting back what eat by tracking my calories, and going to the gym 6 times a week. My goal is to lose 40 lbs. My workout goals are to run a full 5K in under 30 mintues. I have been dabbling with the
Couch 2 5K but I need to get consistent on that if I want to meet this goal.

I would like to keep myself motivated with the fact that it's bikini season, and I have never been comfortable in a bikini. I would like to reach that comfort level by at least mid-July. It's probably unrealistic since it's only 3 months away, but a great improvement would at least be ideal.

Even though I set a 40 lb weight loss goal, I have set a reward for myself for when I reach the halfway point - I'm getting a tattoo. I have no idea where or what yet, but I would like something that has to do with encouragement. This journey is going to take alot of that, and it will remind me of what I'm working toward to reach my goal.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated for your goals? Not particularly weight loss but goals in general. Have you rewarded yourself with those goals?

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  1. You sound like you're on the right track. I have such issues with food too and I just need a laid out menu that I can cook from but I'm just so picky when it comes to food.

    I don't mind working out but for me the hardest part is starting. I'm actually going to see if I can borrow my MIL's treadmill for 9 weeks or so and start C25k soon. Good luck to the both of us!